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Welcome to the family!  Stack Sports has acquired Blue Sombrero and Affinity Sports to continue providing best-in-class technology solutions for our customers.  Check out the recent press release to learn more.

We are here to implement integrated data management and technology solutions that dramatically reduce association paperwork and online compliance time so that you can focus on membership services and growing your sport.  

Let Affinity’s integrated technology platform and solutions service all of your technology requirements!

4 Million Aggregate Users

Associations, Leagues, Clubs, Regions, Districts, Teams, Coaches, Players and their Families rely on Affinity Sports’ technology solutions.

Online Registration

The best Integrated Online Registration Service saves you time and money through integration to your association – no more manual uploads!

Sports Association Management

Complete sports association data management and state of the art compliance for every sport on a national, regional, state and local level.

Camps & Tournaments

Easy Drag n Drop scheduling, registration and processing to make your next event a big hit.


Highly secure & responsive data technology platform provides market leading security, encryption and protection.

Customer Service & Support

Affinity has consistently delivered best available customer service — we are here for you whenever you need us.

Affinity Sports Brings
Technology to Sports

Powerful yet simple.

Built for all levels of sports management, whether your organization includes 500,000 players or 500 — do you need simple and quick or complex and detailed?  Affinity Sports offers effortless and intuitive technology solutions to help you grow your sport.



Our mobile platform is easy to use.  It offers a wide range of services and is easy to register a player or team for their next season, tournament or clinic.

1_3-pb-standardDesktop for Business

250,000+ administrators, registrars and volunteers log into our SAAS ShareView platform to get information and perform their daily tasks from their office computers and mobile devices.



Powerful Tools

Powerful reporting tools, financial data, background screening, compliance verification, secure payments — all created to help your organization run smoothly and allow you to focus on member service and growing your sport.


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Utah Youth Soccer Association collects 25%, roughly $500,000 MORE than before by using Affinity Registration. More soccer organizations would benefit from unburdening themselves from this problem. We receive 100% of our money and it's all done with a lot less work."

    Brian SmithBrian SmithUtah Youth Soccer President
  • “We are using Affinity’s interactive digital player cards because they are awesome. It is fabulous to check-in players using your phone and to score the game easily from the sideline is incredible. No one could believe how easy it was. It worked great.”

    Bob TurnerBob TurnerPresidio Soccer League President
  • "Life is so unpredictable. If you think about everything we do every day — you realize we are constantly using our cell phones. Affinity Sports understands that — their Interactive Digital Cards are great. If for any reason the youth soccer player cards go missing — there is always somebody with a cell phone on the field."

    Rachel BolickRachel BolickExecutive Director of South Carolina Youth Soccer
  • "Instead of the old-school three ring binder with privacy documents falling out all over the place as a soccer team manager walks across the soccer field, Affinity Sports keeps all our private player and coach information securely protected."

    Rachel BolickRachel BolickExecutive Director of South Carolina Youth Soccer
  • "We are going from a multi-system environment to Affinity’s integrated system; we expect to greatly improve our service levels to our customers while improving efficiencies within the state office."

    Hans HobsonHans HobsonTennessee Youth Soccer Executive Director
  • “With Affinity’s integrated Online Registration, we are collecting 25% more revenue (roughly $500,000), on time and up front. Utah stopped using paper player cards and has mandated Digital Player Cards.”

    Brian SmithBrian SmithUtah Youth Soccer President
  • "All the other online registration platforms wanted to know what our problems were. Affinity Sports wanted to know where we want to go in the future. They have a solution to our problems today and can help us meet our goals for tomorrow."

    Rachel BolickRachel BolickExecutive Director of South Carolina Youth Soccer
  • "We have worked with Affinity over many years. During this time, they have fundamentally changed the way we operate at Utah Youth Soccer. We are now a membership organization specializing in providing a top quality soccer experience."

    Cindy BaronCindy BaronUtah Youth Soccer
  • “Affinity Sports’ leading technology will improve our ability to work with our players, coaches and referees and allow us to focus on growing the game of soccer in Florida.

    Jennifer WestonJennifer WestonExecutive Director of Florida State Soccer Association
  • “Affinity Sports’ innovative platform has benefits not available elsewhere on the market.”

    Dave LarabaDave LarabaExecutive Director of West Virginia Soccer Association
  • “Technology can save the soccer game. Forfeiting a game because of missing player cards is a nightmare that can be avoided. Southern California’s Presidio Soccer League and San Diego Development Academy will be using Affinity Sports’ Digital Cards this Fall Season.”

    Bob TurnerBob TurnerPresident Presidio Soccer League
  • “In my years of experience, having the best technology creates the best opportunity. Affinity Sports gives us this opportunity & advantage.”

    Terry FisherTerry FisherCEO of Washington Youth Soccer