The largest sports associations in the nation deserve the best.


In today’s competitive world, the success of a sports organization and its ability to grow their sport is based on their ability to deliver enhanced membership services.  This requires a technology partner that aggregates membership data, integrates data management and compliance, reduces inefficiencies and redundant work processes and frees up time to enhance player experiences.

The best answer today is to partner with Affinity Sports and implement our market leading integrated ShareView operating platform.  7 of the last 8 soccer sports associations that have migrated from one operating platform over the past 3 years have selected Affinity Sports.

Affinity Sports Online Registration solution for Baseball players

Headquarters in San Diego

Affinity Sports brings the best-of-breed technology solutions for robust and flexible player registration sports management to numerous associations throughout the United States.  Designed for governing bodies that require fully integrated and complex solutions, Affinity Sports serves the needs of 24 US Youth Soccer State Associations.

All Sports

Affinity Sports brings the best-of-breed technology solutions for robust and flexible player registration sports management to National, Regional and State Governing organizations. Designed for governing bodies that require fully integrated technology solutions, Affinity Sports currently serves the needs of 28 US Youth and Adult Soccer State Associations.

While we are the largest association and club technology provider in soccer, we also have clients in baseball, football, basketball, volleyball and lacrosse.  Over the next several years, we will be making a strong push to rapidly grow our market share in and outside of soccer.

Next-Level Features

We provide integrated sports data management solutions with the most flexible and comprehensive online player registration software available on the market today — it is that simple. Whether you have 500,000 players to register or 15,000, Affinity Sports can provide state of the art services that make your life much easier.

The Best Technology Solution for Governing Associations

Affinity Sports Scheduling feature for youth sports organizations


Scheduling has never been easier.

Members demand accuracy, accountability and performance from their associations and Affinity Sports delivers this with data driven security.

Communicate effortlessly with customizable trigger emails. Automatically create game schedules for tens of thousands of teams based on preset parameters.  Enjoy Drag N Drop features and disciplinary items, scores & standings are automatically posted to the public page in real time — so your teams, coaches, players and parents can follow the action.

Valued Member Services:  Instantly and automatically update all constituent members through email or text every time there is a game cancellation or a change in field location rather than rely on manual emails.


Affinity Sports’ comprehensive and quick-populating reports make management at every level simpler.  Access our report dashboard from anywhere and choose from more than 200 easy to use, preconfigured reports for real-time management of invoicing, tracking player growth, tournaments, referees, events, risk status – everything you need. Or let us help you create powerful customized reports.

Want the big picture? Our financial reporting tools offer summary or detailed data providing efficient and time saving tools to grow your organization.

All reports are simple to export to Excel or PDF.


Affinity Sports makes event creation and registration easy for you. We understand sports and what it takes to run a successful and growing organization.  With Affinity Sports, creating educational events for your coaches, player development sessions for your players and profitable clinics and camps for your organization has never been easier.

Easily create and manage all kinds of events including, training, expos, coaching education, referee clinics, skill academies. We simplify event management with online registration, online payment processing, payment plans and promo codes, communication tools and much more.

Affinity Sports provides everything you need today and prepares you for success tomorrow.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "We are going from a multi-system environment to Affinity’s integrated system; we expect to greatly improve our service levels to our customers while improving efficiencies within the state office."

    Hans HobsonHans HobsonTennessee Youth Soccer Executive Director
  • "Utah Youth Soccer Association collects 25%, roughly $500,000 MORE than before by using Affinity Registration. More soccer organizations would benefit from unburdening themselves from this problem. We receive 100% of our money and it's all done with a lot less work."

    Brian SmithBrian SmithUtah Youth Soccer President
  • “With Affinity’s integrated Online Registration, we are collecting 25% more revenue (roughly $500,000), on time and up front. Utah stopped using paper player cards and has mandated Digital Player Cards.”

    Brian SmithBrian SmithUtah Youth Soccer President
  • "Instead of the old-school three ring binder with privacy documents falling out all over the place as a soccer team manager walks across the soccer field, Affinity Sports keeps all our private player and coach information securely protected."

    Rachel BolickRachel BolickExecutive Director of South Carolina Youth Soccer
  • “Affinity Sports’ innovative platform has benefits not available elsewhere on the market.”

    Dave LarabaDave LarabaExecutive Director of West Virginia Soccer Association
  • “We were so blown away with what Affinity Sports offers. Their intuitive online registration software is amazing.”

    Rachel BolickRachel BolickExecutive Director of South Carolina Youth Soccer