DICK’S Team Sports HQ – NGB & Association Platform Q1 2018 Release Notes

DICK’S Team Sports HQ – NGB & Association Platform Q1 2018 Release Notes

SAN DIEGO (APRIL 3, 2018) – NGB & Association Platform Q1 2018 Release Notes


  • Affinity Sports 2.0 introduced an enhanced user experience, complementing existing functionality with a fresh User Interface, Dashboards and Widgets
  • An Affiliate Member Sanctioning module was launched with initial customers for a customizable, integrated seasonal league/club member approval process
  • Affinity/Digital Coaching Center integration completed and will automatically retrieve and inject available coach licensing information from the US Soccer DCC licensing platform into the Affinity Sports Platform
  • Affinity/Blue Sombrero Integration 2.0. includes extensive and unparalleled capabilities to collect and inject player & admin data, photos, certificates, Electronic Legal Agreements, and custom registration questions (including US Soccer mandates) at all organization levels for a streamlined seasonal registration process
  • Digital Player Cards 2.0 redesign to offer vastly improved performance and response times, as well as enhanced workflows for Referees and Team Administrators
  • Player Lookup Multi Select functionality implemented for a refined search experience, allowing for filtering of multiple play types & age group combinations to support player communication and data reports
  • Configurable Red Card Suspension and Concussion Awareness email notification templates for players and administrators added at tournament level to automatically notify concerned parties of occurrence and clearance
  • Photo Upload modal window will now display time, date, and username for quick validation of when and by whom a current profile photo was uploaded to the system
  • Integrations with two new background check providers completed: Trusted Employees & Reference Services, Inc.


  • Configurable “Win, Loss, Tie” public display functionality added to the Tournament & League module as an alternative way to present brackets and schedules to support the developmental mandate for younger ages
  • Implementation of a new PDF management tool to support CDC’s new version of the concussion certificate from the Heads-Up program
  • “Preferred Flight” option locked in Tournament & League applications when teams are placed in Accepted Status
  • Tournament & League Stats “Invisible” now correctly shows teams table without points or standings
  • Tournament & League Game Stats audit log implemented to display a list of all changes by game
  • Tournament Sanctioning module updated to include fees by tournament type (community modification request)
  • Internal Add Player/Admin Registration workflow streamlined for an enhanced experience for adult participants
  • Private Comment section added to the Release & Transfer process to provide the ability to track internal notes during and after the process completion (community modification request)
  • Transaction ID added as an available search option in the Tournament & League application lookup page
  • “SAPT” (Sexual Abuse Prevention Training) and “PACT” (Parent And Coaches Together) certificate management functionality added to track training compliance (community modification request)
  • Tournament level configuration of “allowed” number of Club Passed players added to Tournament & League module, replacing the fixed number during a competition (community modification request)
  • Uniform kit home & away colors included as a part of the seasonal team migration process (community modification request)


  • Tournament & League import teams function to manually advance teams to the next round prior to round completion
  • Governing Body can now properly unlock an individual ID card when the max number of print jobs has been exceeded (community modification request)
  • Display order feature added to Referee ID Card lookup page to provide additional functionality to sort and locate referee information
  • Event Manager session itinerary link will only display when there is a session itinerary set up


  • Created “Customer Experience” environments to allow customers to test drive new features and functionality
  • Improved support for automatically rolling out the latest patches and updates from our key platform partners to maintain overall system security
  • Implemented stronger controls that meet or exceed all Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards to better protect customers’ payment-related data