DICK’S Team Sports HQ – NGB & Association Platform Q1 2019 Release Notes

DICK’S Team Sports HQ – NGB & Association Platform Q1 2019 Release Notes

Quarter 1: February 1 – April 30, 2019


A preauthorization matching process against the Association Platform (Affinity) has been built, allowing the TSHQ Club Platform (Blue Sombrero) to identify all requirements outstanding, by individual, as configured by the Governing Body/Association. The Club Platform will be updated in the near future, and this new functionality will then eliminate the need to collect a photo or certificate in the Club Platform registration experience when this requirement has already been satisfied in the Association Platform (Affinity Sports).

The Messaging Module has been upgraded with new features to complement our integrated communication tool.  The new feature bundle includes scheduling future communications, automated re-sends to unopens, BCC functionality, cancelation of a queued up job, and real time message stats.

Tournament Team Counts Widget & Unassigned Search Filter were introduced to provide a quick snapshot of all New, Accepted and Unassigned teams within a competition.  To complement the widget, an unassigned search option was added to the Flight Filter. This new filter lets you quickly identify Accepted teams missing a flight assignment.

The Team Creation Matrix now includes a bulk team name update option.  This enhancement allows the end user to quickly customize a batch of teams in the creation process without having to click on each team individually.

All available Player and Admin training certifications and requirements have been exposed as configurable items.   The Governing Body & Association can now quickly react to new seasonal requirements. Soon this new functionality will support the TSHQ Club & Association Platform (Affinity/Blue Sombrero) solution by exposing both optional and required certificates in the registration process.

Admin certificate status configurations have been introduced to give the National Governing Body & Association ability to set team assignment, team activation and card printing compliance rules.

Training certificates and documents now have configurable expiration rules, enabling the Governing Body & Association to define when each certificate should be purged and when to trigger re-certification requirements.

To support compliance validation, View Certificate History functionality has been created to track and display each Admin’s certificate history on the internal Admin profile page. Data related to upload/edit/deletion/verify/un-verify actions display in real-time.

A Governing Body & Association level content management system has been developed to support the My Account Certificate tab.   This new template provides organizations an ability to customize instructions and expectations using a WYSIWYG tool.

Player Detail Export/Upload Report created to provide Leagues & Clubs an easy way to export seasonal data into our upload template format.  This new reporting tool provides an easy way to export, adjust and upload data to a new season.

A new Team Roster has been created for Adult soccer organizations, introducing logic to translate suspension activity to ineligibility status in Leagues & Teams. This unique Team Roster is available upon request.

To provide greater transparency, a Security User history log has been introduced at all system levels. This new audit page includes all additions, edits, and deletions to made to the security user tab.

For additional visibility, the Security User page has been enhanced to display a quick view of when the individual was added to the security tab and when the profile was last modified.

Customized platform for new softball organization went live.

Customized platform for new adult soccer organization went live.


The Event Manager now includes a host of new certificate types that can be collected during online registration so that Players and Admins requirements can be captured outside of seasonal registration.

Governing Body & Association level season setup user interface and date controls updated to assist with correct start date validation controls in TSHQ Club Platform (Blue Sombrero).

Digital Coaching Center batch results have been added to allow the Governing Body & Association the ability to manually request an organization-wide license update request for all registered Admins.

CC functionality has been added to the Affiliate Sanctioning Module confirmation emailsGoverning Bodies & Associations can now define a list of recipients to be copied on all ASM submission confirmation emails to assist with managing new submissions.

In the Tournament & League module, administrative functionality has been introduced to manually add points to standings without affecting or interfering with existing game stats.

Public facing schedule pages in the Tournament & League module have a new iCal button for subscribe to schedule option by Flight and Team.  This replaces the previously cluttered iCal presentation and includes calendar time zone options.

Pilot customer introduced to a fully integrated background checking process between Affinity Sports & the TSHQ Club Platform (Blue Sombrero).  This new pathway combines the club application and background check process into a single registration experience.

Public facing Tournament comments are now managed through an enhanced WYSIWYG editor.  This updated experience includes a preview option and the ability to insert hyperlinks, documents and images to improve the public tournament communication.

The Digital Admin Card has been enhanced to display Risk Status and SafeSport Verified in addition to the current Concussion Certified marker in the Digital Player Card web app (available upon request).

New Payment Management functionality has been introduced to allow for batch updates of activated players’ payment status. This feature is especially beneficial to the typical adult soccer player registration process.

The Tournament Sanctioning process has been enhanced to include additional required field options.

Field closure copy features added to assist with quickly closing fields across multiple leagues and tournaments.

The Teams Points & Standings – to Excel report has been enhanced to calculate by team the total number of games played with no red/yellow cards.

The Cancelled CC Payments report has been rebuilt in a new format with additional data points added.

A tournament/league level setting created to control if the competition will allow Referees to self-assign to games.  This update controls which features are made available to referees in the new Affinity Sports app.


TSHQ Club Platform (Blue Sombrero) and Upload Portal were updated to allow Leagues & Clubs in a Pending status the ability to submit applications.  This fix was introduced to mitigate issues caused by overlapping seasons.  NOTE: Leagues & Clubs in a Pending status cannot access a NEW season in TSHQ Association (Affinity Sports) Platform until they are moved to an Active League Status.

The Referee/Umpire management module has been updated to include enhanced permission controls to compliment an updated 2.0 presentation experience.

Tournament ladder pages now support publishing of specific date(s) to allow greater granularity and control over the information posted to public schedule pages.

The Affiliate Sanctioning Module is now tracking incomplete application attempts to assist with identifying and supporting member organizations that have not successfully submitted an application.

Family ID has been added to the Player Detail with All Fields report and the Team Admin Detail with All Fields report to assist with identifying unique family households.

Display logic modified for the Team Queue Lookup functionality, correctly labeling pending vs. approved transfers for the Player League Registrar user.

US Soccer Digital Coaching Center concussion education certificate updated to correctly show across all modules and registration pathways.