DICK’S Team Sports HQ – NGB & Association Platform Q2 2018 Release Notes

DICK’S Team Sports HQ – NGB & Association Platform Q2 2018 Release Notes

Quarter 2: May 1 – July 31, 2018
Release Date: August 20, 2018


Additional functionality & widgets introduced to further enhance the Affinity Sports 2.0 experience, complementing the new look and feel:

  • Compliance Widget added to the Affiliate Member Dashboard to provide a snapshot view of various compliance components to assist in ensuring state and club level requirements are met. This includes quick-links to create targeted communication.
  • Tournament/League Director Bulletin Board released to assist Tournaments & Leagues with internal help guides, new feature announcements, and product updates related to this module.
  • Release & Transfer Alerts were reintroduced to provide an experience similar to the Affinity Classic View, offering easy access to pending release & transfer requests.

Admin Lookup Multi Select functionality implemented for a refined search experience, allowing for filtering of multiple play types & age group combinations to support admin communications and data reports.

Governing Body & Association level Messaging Module introduced to provide an Email Blast tool with a content editor and dynamically generated distribution lists.

  • Advanced audience segmentation logic include filtering options by league & club, play type, age group, risk status, and coaching license level.
  • Macros supporting customized and personalized messages.
  • Basic message analytics track recipient counts, bounce backs, and open rates.
  • Functionality for sent messages to be easily be repurposed for new or past audiences.

U.S. Soccer National Data Center Submission Pilot successfully completed for an early adopter group.  The process helped validate the various components of a self-service model soon to be introduced to the wider audience.

USSF ID#, FIFA ID# and International Transfer Clearance response statuses added to player profiles for soccer customers to assist in managing automated U.S. Soccer National Data Center response messages.

U.S. Soccer National Data Center Competition IDs added to affiliate pages to help manage identification codes issued for current affiliates.

Global Suspension functionality built to provide Governing Bodies & Associations a method to impose player & admin suspensions across any future games managed in their organization, either for a certain period of time or indefinitely, for reasons that may lay outside of the field.


Affinity/Digital Coaching Center feature switch built to instantly enable automated retrieve-and-insert functionality of coaching licensing data from the U.S. Soccer DCC platform into the Affinity system. Supplemented by a custom built report.

Player & Admin Upload Portal enhancements released:

  • Team Admin roles dynamically collected based on organizational roles.
  • Risk Statuses by customer to comply with organization-specific definitions.
  • State Soccer National Data Center upload fields introduced, both for soccer organizations requiring the data to be collected and for organizations making it optional.
  • Special characters parsing logic adjusted for correct data inserts.
  • Downloadable Templates added inside the Upload Portal experience for timely user assistance, providing the most current data requirements.

Tournament & League team bracketing alert introduced to clearly identify bracketed vs. non-bracketed teams, assisting tournament admins with moving teams between flights and avoiding double-bracketing.

New Tournament & League Club Passing controls, providing both tournament level and age group level configurations of maximum number of allowed club passes, replacing the single association level setting. This feature gives tournaments and leagues the flexibility required to satisfy the different needs of younger vs. older age groups. Available upon request.

Digital Player Cards 2.0 web app updates released with functionality to further enhance the Referee workflow and provide a timely on-field check-in experience:

  • Actively expand the current game details
  • Display color coded next match indicator
  • Clearly display individual infraction codes in plain text
  • Automatically advance the check-in process to the next eligible team member on the roster
  • Auto-return to ‘next team’ to assist
  • New logic introduced for promo codes to apply to Admin Fees, supporting organizations wishing to subsidize background checking fees and more.

Seasonal migration workflow adjustments were made to simplify and streamline the registration process.

Declare multiple teams function added to the Affinity Sports 2.0 experience to allow affiliates to batch apply multiple teams to a tournament or league.  This also includes the option to pay for all teams in that same, single session.

Dashboard result filters adjusted to filter all widget data by play type to align with the results generated in the player, admin, and team lookup pages.

Team Queues option added to the Affinity Sports 2.0 platform, mimicking the Classic View experience with assigning teams for review and approval.

Tournament Sanctioning approval menus added to Affinity Sports 2.0 to support the tournament review and approval process.

Reclassified Report options labeled to better assist the user in quickly locating reports in both Classic View and Affinity Sports 2.0.

Affiliate Sanctioning PDF certificate added to approval confirmation email.

Member Designation status options added to categorize affiliate organizations as Affiliates, Associations or participating Non-Members. Available upon request.

Red Card reports updated to span across multiple competitions based upon linked competition  cards settings.

Sexual Abuse Prevention Training certificate upload & verify functionality introduced for registered organizations.


Product page tracking metrics unique to each customer added to properly segment activity by customer.

Affinity Sports / Blue Sombrero integration setup updated to only present available play types by season in the configuration workflow.

Email functionality added to the Game Stats/Scoring page for Flight Administrators to assist with resolving scoring conflicts and gathering game stats details.

Family ID# is now a sortable field in Family Lookup to quickly help the user locate all individual members of a family unit.


Data Exchange service created to facilitate and distribute the load for current and forthcoming partner integrations.