DICK’S Team Sports HQ – NGB & Association Platform Q3 2018 Release Notes

DICK’S Team Sports HQ – NGB & Association Platform Q3 2018 Release Notes

Quarter 3: August 1 – October 31, 2018
Release Date: November 16, 2018


Governing Body & Association widgets introduced to further enhance the Affinity Sports 2.0 experience, complementing the new look and feel:

  • Unique Player & Admin Counts widgets created to provide a quick view of current registration numbers by season.
  • Club Search refactored to display results in a linear presentation, quickly taking the user to specific dashboards at league and club level. Sortable header columns added to provide alternative views of the page results.

Save Reports feature developed, allowing the user to create a personal library of reports.  Reports can now be saved, and renamed, to a private dashboard with desired filters pre-set for a quick and easy user experience.

A new Affinity Sports Mobile App launched for iOS and Android to follow later this year. This includes an extensive suite of features and functionality for leagues and tournaments scheduled in the Affinity Sports platform.  Highlights include in-app messaging, message boards; subscription based feeds, guest invitations, digital rosters & player cards, as well as mobile game scoring.  (Try the IOS App now add link to Apple store)

U.S. Soccer National Data Center Self Service Module introduced to fully support the submission and auto-retrieval of USSF ID and FIFA ID numbers for players registered in the Affinity Sports platform. Functionality includes International Transfer Clearance status tracking and response notifications to seamlessly comply with the latest requirements.  Both pre-submission and post submission reports have been created to aid in tracking the submission cycle.

Tournament Module Age Group & Flight Multi Select functionality implemented for a refined search experience, allowing for filtering of teams by multiple age group & flight combinations to support application management & communications.


Tournament & League scheduling alerts added to the game schedule page to alert the scheduler of any possible rule violations based upon the games per week and inter-game interval settings by flight.

Scoring ability added to the internal schedules view when standings are hidden to allow leagues and tournaments to collect scores from team admins for internal consumption.

Inherited suspensions from a previous competition can now be managed in the new tournament or league, including the ability to adjust suspension criteria and games.

Leagues & Tournaments using the accumulated Red & Yellow card counter system now include automated Player & Team Administrator suspension notification emails upon additional penalty conversion.

Forgot Password logic enhanced to pull matches across all organizations, providing quick links to recover credentials across all matching Associations & Governing Bodies in a single step.

Administrator Lookup refined to show team role filter options as recognized within each Association & Governing Body for an improved lookup experience.

Additional cross-organizational login agreements created to facilitate single sign-on availability between Associations, improving cross-border collaboration between clubs and playing leagues. (Community)

Intra-Club transfers and Inter-Club transfers can now be tracked separately to support Association & Governing Body rules associated with limits, approvals and billing classifications. (Community)

U.S. Soccer Digital Coaching Center integration updated to automatically include concussion education certification when new license results are electronically returned to the platform,  eliminating the need for newly licensed coaches to manually and separately upload certificates of completion.

Introduced SafeSport verification tool in conjunction with team activation rules to enforce new standards. (Community).


Consolidated logins corrected in Affinity Sports 2.0 to accept additional credentials and display in alphabetical order by organization.

The Field Assignor role now has dedicated menu with customizable configurations to support different levels of access in Affinity Sports 2.0.

Added asynchronous loading and try-catch controls to dashboard widgets to improve login and system response times.

Affinity Sports / Blue Sombrero integration updated to present team roles as recognized within each Association & Governing Body.


Platform “Sponsor Packs” piloted to provide Associations & Governing Bodies tool kits for engaging new partner opportunities.

API developer portal created to accept USYS Member Management Center player data submissions.