DICK’S Team Sports HQ – NGB & Association Platform Q4 2018 Release Notes

DICK’S Team Sports HQ – NGB & Association Platform Q4 2018 Release Notes

Quarter 4: November 1, 2018 – January 31, 2019
Release Date: February 19, 2019


Affinity Sports iOS and Android Tournament & League apps developed to provide a mobile platform for all Teams, Referees, Parents and Guests to interact with published schedules, standings and results.  In-app feeds, push notifications and messaging tools have been added to complement the Digital Player Cards and post-game reporting experience.

Affiliate Sanctioning Module created to provide Associations & Governing Bodies the ability to offer an integrated customizable seasonal affiliate member registration process.  This new module provides a highly configurable offering designed to solicit updated contact information for league board/staff members, gather any required documents and ELA signatures, collect payments, and more.

Graphical Reports introduced to provide Associations & Governing Bodies data visualization reports designed to derive insights and assist with membership analytics.

Tournament & League schedulers now have an internal reschedule reason menu to track schedule change requests in the user interface and reports to provide full visibility of both internal and team to team reschedules.

An Association/Governing Body level control to hide inactive leagues or clubs from all lookup tables was introduced to help create a more current, relevant search experience for its members.



Blue Sombrero integration updated to provide additional flexibility when collecting Association & Governing Body photo and certificate requirements to streamline the club registration process. All requirements are still enforced during the team activation process to ensure full compliance.

Player/Team Administrator/Team count widgets have been updated to dynamically display “Activated” counts only when the Associations & Governing Bodies are utilizing the system’s team activation feature. This provides a dynamic display of relevant widget counts by Organization.

In Associations assessing state level fees, new credit restrictions have been implemented to only allow refunds to be made up to the organizational level of the user.

Tournament & League manual scheduling enhancement introduced as an internal alert function that notifies the scheduler of scheduling conflicts, referencing interval configuration and number of maximum games per week.

Tournament & League Club Pass configurations now include an option to automatically remove club passed players after each game for organizations using the “pull player” club pass method. With this in place, dynamic club pass game day assignments are available for both club pass options offered.

Tournament & League settings updated to include configurable maximums for Club Passed players allowed and the maximum number of active players allowed by age group.

Teams Points & Standings reports enhanced to include point deductions, average points, and adjusted points to provide a comprehensive view of all seasonal data points in a single report.

Verification status added to the ‘Out Of State Player Report’ to provide Associations & Governing Bodies seasonal visibility and approval data for players residing in other states.

Messaging Module deduping methodology modified to include additional deduping rules for dynamically generated audiences so that messages without macros are only delivered once per email address.

Messaging Module delivery speeds recalibrated to ensure all communications are sent in a timely, reliable manner.

SafeSport & Heads Up Concussion training links added to the Admin My Account page to give Team Administrators quick access to registering for any seasonal requirements. (Community)

Club Pass override functionality developed to allow Association/Governing Body users to facilitate club passing of players outside their registration club. (Community)

Additional Try-Out Offer Initiation controls introduced to further define the rules regarding how and by whom offers can be initiated.

Design changes implemented to the Tournament Application lookup page in Tournament & Gaming to further enhance the application management process.

Search result enhancements implemented to Player Lookup in Tournament & Gaming to provide the user with a more intuitive presentation of disciplinary player data.

Automated notification alerts added to the Tournament Sanctioning module to advise Associations & Governing Bodies of new pending submissions. (Community)

Configurations added in the Tournament Sanctioning module to automatically charge credit cards to quickly identify submissions as paid.

Additional resubmission logic added to the USSF National Data Center process to ensure players are resubmitted in a timely, automated manner in the event of a response error or timeout. Re-submissions also generate an updated date and time stamp on the Player profile page.

USSF National Data Center submission detail report added to provide full visibility of all player details prior to submission.

USSF International Transfer Clearance response date/time stamp added to the player record and corresponding reports to provide end-to-end tracking on the last submission.

Director of Coaching role mapped to print on all approved travel rosters to ensure that this point of contact is always included in the travel documentation. (Community)

Team Administrator registration promo code report created to track codes used in conjunction with seasonal applications.

Promo codes added to the Tournament & League payment details report to capture discounts applied during the team application process.

Baseball/Softball league sanctioning process and functionality extended to include additional customers in an established registration module.



Enhanced email formatting sanitizer introduced to mitigate formatting issues experienced with emails sent outside of the Message module.

Referee Assignor fields added to the Sanctioned Tournament application process.

The Tournament & League application process has been enhanced to include controls for results and records to be set as required by competition and year. This provides functionality to ensure that past results and records are collected during the application process, assisting with seeding and placement.



Payment Card Industry (PCI) recertification completed ensuring credit card data is protected and secured according to the latest security standards.

Added anti-Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) countermeasures for added platform security.