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Interactive Cards – Document Injuries, Red & Yellow Cards on the Field

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Affinity Sports has harnessed the power of technology and replaced printed player cards with highly secure, digital player cards that are accessible on any smart phone or mobile device. This groundbreaking solution brings real-time player eligibility and compliance to the fields of youth and adult sports.

Now, for the first time, Affinity’s real time player eligibility digital player cards will allow player eligibility to be checked on a game by game basis and coaches, referees, tournament directors and team managers will no longer have to be concerned with fraudulent player cards or have a situation where a team that is ready to play has to forfeit a game because the printed cards were not available.

The Affinity Sports mobile application can be securely logged in from anywhere with internet access and provides role-based access. When a referee logs in to Affinity’s mobile application before a soccer match, he or she sees the full set of both teams’ player and coach cards and can enter information on injury updates and yellow and red cards right into Affinity’s mobile application.  When a team manager logs in, he or she can only see their team information and can send a message to all the players instantly about a change of field location or what restaurant to meet at after the game.

Affinity Sports is delivering the first real-time digital player eligibility and rule compliance to US sports fields to protect our kids, our teams, leagues and sports associations.

Digital Player CardsDigital Player Cards2

  • Eliminates Falsification – Replaces Paper Player ID Cards & Rosters
  • Eligibility Tracking of Active/Inactive Players
  • Select Players for Game Roster
  • Coaches and Referees Check In Players/Teams on Their Phones
  • Secure – Player Cards have Permission Based Restricted Access for Admin, Referee, Manager, etc.
  • Real-time Data Dynamically Pulls from Secure Affinity Database
  • Do Away With Printed Player Cards – That Don’t Ensure Player Eligibility
  • Never Have a Team Forfeit a Game if Eligible Teams are Ready to Play


Maybe They Could Have Been Champions — if they had their player cards…

“Our printed player cards were stolen out of my car and my son’s San Diego Soccer Club team had to forfeit their soccer match in US Youth Soccer’s Cal South State Cup,” says Karen Kusunoki, a former soccer team manager from Southern California. “The boys were devastated. We were hundreds of miles away from home. Without the required printed player cards, our team was not allowed to continue in the competition. I am still upset. Who knows – our team could have been State Champions.”

Affinity Sports Youth Soccer Player registration

With Affinity Sports’ Interactive Digital Cards, this heartbreak would have been avoided. Today, with the help of Affinity Sports, teams no longer have to forfeit games because of missing, lost or stolen printed player cards.

“Being responsible for those player cards is a huge responsibility and anything can happen to them or to the person carrying them. If the information is accessible online, there won’t be any more problems with lost, stolen, or forgotten cards,” says Kusunoki. “Relying on printed paper cards is not fair to the kids. We all use our phones to check in at the airport for a flight. Don’t our kids deserve the same option?”

“Affinity Sports is focused on growing the game of soccer in the USA and making technology relevant to the youth sports market,” said Mark Skeen, CEO of Affinity Sports, a San Diego based firm specializing in solutions for sports organizations. “We want to bring usable technology to playing fields all across the country – from Massachusetts to California. That’s why we launched Interactive Digital Cards – to keep our kids safer and happier,” says Skeen.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • “Affinity Sports’ innovative platform has benefits not available elsewhere on the market.”

    Dave LarabaDave LarabaExecutive Director of West Virginia Soccer Association
  • "We were so blown away with what Affinity Sports offers. Their evolving, intuitive online registration and sports management software is amazing. We reviewed six different companies' online registration platforms looking for the best solution for South Carolina Youth Soccer. Affinity Sports sells itself. Affinity Sports is more efficient than the others, very user-friendly and flexible."

    Rachel BolickRachel BolickExecutive Director of South Carolina Youth Soccer
  • “We were so blown away with what Affinity Sports offers. Their intuitive online registration software is amazing.”

    Rachel BolickRachel BolickExecutive Director of South Carolina Youth Soccer
  • “We are using Affinity’s interactive digital player cards because they are awesome. It is fabulous to check-in players using your phone and to score the game easily from the sideline is incredible. No one could believe how easy it was. It worked great.”

    Bob TurnerBob TurnerPresidio Soccer League President
  • "Life is so unpredictable. If you think about everything we do every day — you realize we are constantly using our cell phones. Affinity Sports understands that — their Interactive Digital Cards are great. If for any reason the youth soccer player cards go missing — there is always somebody with a cell phone on the field."

    Rachel BolickRachel BolickExecutive Director of South Carolina Youth Soccer
  • “With Affinity’s integrated Online Registration, we are collecting 25% more revenue (roughly $500,000), on time and up front. Utah stopped using paper player cards and has mandated Digital Player Cards.”

    Brian SmithBrian SmithUtah Youth Soccer President