Updated and Effective as of March 2, 2018

Affinity Payment Processing FAQs

How ACH Transfers Work

Each Client must send Affinity an executed copy of the Affinity Sports ACH TRANSFER AUTHORIZATION FORM authorizing Affinity to transfer funds to their organization. ACH transfers are initiated four times monthly and an ACH notification is sent to the organization via email when an ACH has been initiated. Each Client can expect to receive funds within 1-2 business days from the date of the transfer depending on your financial institution.

Affinity’s ACH transfers are based on a reporting period. This reporting period is the same every month.

Affinity’s current ACH transfer schedule is as follows:

ACH 1 – 1st-7th – Sent on the 8th or the first business day thereafter

ACH 2 – 8th-14th – Sent on the 15th or the first business day thereafter

ACH 3 – 15th-21st – Sent on the 22nd or the first business day thereafter

ACH 4 – 22nd-EOM (End of Month) – Sent on the 1st or the first business day thereafter.


How Credit Card Payments Work

Credit Card transactions are not finalized until the application has been accepted or the Administrator manually captures the pending credit card authorization. When the status of the credit card transaction shows as “Paid” the transaction is complete and the funds have been successfully processed (i.e. acknowledgment from the merchant bank that the funds have been charged to the registrant’s credit card and deposits made to Affinity).

You will not have the option to refund a paid credit card order until at least 24 hours after the transaction has been updated to a Paid status. At this time you can refund this transaction back to the original registrant by clicking on the Refund link. It is at your discretion if you wish to refund the credit card processing fees to the registrant (however if you choose to do so, you will be responsible for funding such refund and Affinity will retain all processing fees received). If you elect to refund the credit card processing fees, these fees will be deducted from your next ACH transfer.

Credit Card payments may take up to 7 days to reach our Affinity Sports account. When these funds have been received we make every effort to ensure that these are transferred in a timely manner. The first transfer may take an additional two weeks.

Chargebacks – In the event that a registrant challenges the registration charge to their credit card/bank account and the merchant issues a chargeback, we will notify you, however Affinity Sports will not attempt to challenge the chargeback but will deduct it and any associated fees from the next ACH transfer to the Client. The Client is responsible for following up with the registrant to collect any unpaid registration fees.

Credit Card Fees

The credit card processing fee and online convenience fee will be paid by the registrant/payor unless the Client indicates that the Client wants to be directly responsible for paying these processing fees and indicates that these fees should be hidden from the registrant/payor. Affinity reserves the right to revise any credit card, convenience or eCheck fees upon 30 day’s prior notice.

How eCheck Payments Work

eCheck only accepts U.S. based personal checking and savings accounts. eCheck uses the ACH Network. Due to the nature of the ACH Network, eCheck does not work exactly like a credit card transaction. eCheck transactions are NOT processed and funds are not verified in real time, thus eCheck transactions are NOT 100% guaranteed to deliver funding. For example, eCheck transactions may result in returns with non-sufficient funds (NSF) or a charge back from a customer’s bank during the financial settlement which takes place after a customer has successfully submitted an eCheck payment online.

Due to limitations and restrictions imposed by the eCheck process, the eChecking payment process from Affinity Sports will adhere to the following processes:

  1. At the time a registrant submits an eCheck payment authorization online through Affinity’s payment processing system, will verify the registrant’s bank account information, but eCheck will not verify available funds or other additional account information, such as a payment stop on the account. The submitted dollar amount may be withdrawn from the registrant’s account as early as the same day, but may take up to a day or two for final settlement. Unlike a credit card payment, there is no authorization process through eCheck. eCheck is directly captured to a registrant’s account and then waits for final settlement. The first two processes are submitted and captured. Prior to final settlement, the authorized eCheck payment will appear as “Pending” or “Open”.
  2. Based on the outcome of the final eCheck settlement, the payment status will be updated to Paid or Failed.
  3. All single payments and the first payment of a payment plan will be immediately processed and captured as “Pending” or “Open” until final settlement. All ensuing payment plan installments will be processed on the due date, but may not be finally settled for 1-3 days.
  4. Affinity Sports will NOT process any registrant refunds for any authorized eCheck payments. The Client will be directly responsible for paying any refunds owed to a registrant.

E-check Fees

The eCheck online convenience processing fee will be paid by the participant/payor unless the Client indicates below that the Client wants to be directly responsible for paying the applicable eCheck online convenience processing fee and indicates that these fees should be hidden from the participant/payor. Affinity reserves the right to revise any credit card, convenience or eCheck fees upon 30 day’s prior notice.