Insure the cost of your sport season, camp, tournament, and travel.


Unforeseen circumstances can keep players from participating in the sports, hobbies and activities they enjoy. Bad weather, injuries and other unfortunate events can cause them to miss out on tournaments, camps, races and even an entire sports season without the promise of a refund.

Affinity Sports gives sports organizations the option to offer “Registration Saver” during online registration. Now organizations and parents can help safeguard athletic investments. Coverage is fast, easy and affordable.

Reasons To Buy

Coverage may vary by state.

  • No Refund Policy: Most event organizers, including those for sports activities (i.e. tournaments, camps and races) have a strict “No Refund Policy” as it relates to registration costs. Unforeseen incidents, including inclement weather, injuries, illness and other events would have you forfeiting these fees.
  • Travel Costs Covered: Typically the largest expense involved in participating or attending an event is the travel related costs.  Our single event policy allows you to include those costs when applying for coverage.
  • Injuries Happen: It’s the number one reason athletes are unable to participate and sometimes miss an entire season!
  • Weather can be a Game Stopper: Weather can be a Game Stopper: Unpredictable weather can wreak havoc on any event, including a tournament, camp, race or any event you’re scheduled to attend.
  • Sporting Events are Expensive: Why not protect your investment with a valuable policy?
  • Premiums are Affordable: The Registration Saver policy is inexpensive when compared to your overall costs associated with attending or competing in events.
  • Claims are Handled Promptly and Professionally: AIG provides a dedicated claims operation that will efficiently evaluate and process any claim with personalized service.